Monthly Beauty

A “beauty” is a recognized term in the hockey world. Pretty much, if you are a “beauty” you are awesome. Therefore, this page is dedicated to “beauties” of all forms. You may have made a “beauty” move on the ice, acted in a “beauticious” manner off the ice, or you may just be a “beauty” of a chick. Regardless, you will be recognized.

Samson Mahbod is a 25 year old professional hockey player born in Montreal. That is beauticious on its own. However, he also plays on my team in Poland for KH Sanok which ups his beauty status even further. If that is not enough, Sammy leads the Polish Hockey League in scoring with 67 points in 32 games. To add a little icing to the cake, Sammy just launched his own website that covers a wide range of material for men, women, athletes and entrepreneurs. You can follow Sammy on twitter and instagram. Check out his website, check out his stats, even send him a facebook message … so he can tell you how great he is. Sammy, you’re a true beauty bud!