I will be writing a book on my entire life story. Actually, upon my admission into prison, I began to write chapters while incarcerated on certain areas of my life. As well, I documented some of the more outrageous and entertaining mishaps that occurred in prison. This book will cover all of my childhood, adolescence, and adult years. Minor hockey, junior hockey, and professional hockey will all be discussed. Moreover, my biological family and everything that lead up to my conviction will be disclosed for the first time. I will be discussing what happened prior to my arrest, the reasons behind why I committed my crime, and my rehabilitation back into society. Of course, this book will be released when the time is right for me, not anyone else. Oh, and I will be interviewing others that may have content to add to this book. That's right, I will be giving others a chance to rebut my words, unlike some that I know. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this book, or would like to see specific incidents or topics discussed, please feel free to contact me via the "contact" tab at the bottom of the page.